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In Safetec, innovation is fundamental in the way we work and a part of our company culture and employee mentality.

Innovation in Safetec is activities, initiatives, or measures which:

  • Can create, develop, or improve our services with the aim to strengthen our own as well as our clients` position in existing and new markets.
  • May reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve quality of deliverables, and ensure lean management - working smarter tomorrow than we did yesterday.

Innovation is fundamental in the way we work and a part of our company culture and employee mentality. All employees are encouraged and empowered to explore, propose, develop, and execute ideas.

Our vision is that all ideas are equally worth regardless of where they come from within the organization and should be explored.

Safetecs innovation committee shall work to enable and ensure that the company produces and bring forth ideas through visibility, availability and by challenging the organization at all levels.

The innovation committee nurses ideas according to its 3-step principles, review applications, follow-up projects and be an active support to ensure that each idea and innovation project manager has the best foundation to become successful.

Hydrogen molekyl green


SAFEN – short for "Safe Energy Carriers" – is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with Safetec as lead.

A strong and diverse group of industry partners share experiences and together address knowledge gaps in understanding failure mechanisms, hazards, and accident situations in renewable technologies involving hydrogen, ammonia, and CCS (carbon capture and storage).


Innovation projects

Safetec has several ongoing innovation projects with the intention of developing existing methods in both new and existing industries.

Here you can read more about our work with Northern Lights, Climate Futures and Ukom.