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Safetec is a leading provider of risk management services.

Leadership, organisation and safety

Safetec assists Norwegian and international businesses across various industries in understanding their own risk picture at the interface between people, technology and organisation. We offer interdisciplinary expertise and have extensive experience in mapping, analysing and visualising how various factors affect the risk picture.

Auditing and expert advice

Every year Safetec conducts investigations of accidents and incidents. We offer investigation leaders, expert assistance and complete investigation teams to identify direct and contributing factors, and provide clear advice for learning and prevention.

We also provide safety studies and risk management studies, for example to on how organisational changes may affect the risk picture.

Emergency preparedness

Industries with risk potential must be prepared for the unexpected.

This involves emergency preparedness and crisis management - and integrating this into everyday activities.

Safetec has the knowledge, experience and facilities to help our customers find the optimal balance between business as usual and being prepared for the worst.


Have you taken sufficient measures to secure the values in your business against unwanted, intentional actions?

Safetec helps businesses gain an overview of their own assets and identify threats related to these. Good safeguarding of values requires digital, personnel and physical measures and good interaction between people, technology and organisation. We offer an interdisciplinary and potent combination of practical experience, theoretical understanding and human and technical expertise."

HSSEQ and sustainability

Appropriate, safe, and sustainable solutions are important both for projects and operational activities.

Through a good overall understanding of technological solutions used by an organization to carry out given operations, Safetec helps our customers to better understand and manage HSE matters and establish sustainable solutions in projects and operations.

In order for solutions to be sustainable, they must safeguard economic interests, social conditions and the environment. Sustainable solutions are demonstrated through e.g., certifications such as BREEAM Infrastructure and current ISO standards.

Technical and operational safety

Are you in control of your barriers and the factors that affect the risk involved in your operations and systems?

Consequence analysis

Safetec has extensive experience in utilizing CFD simulations to assess consequences related to fire, explosion and dispersion of smoke and toxic gas.

Reliability and optimisation

Reliable safety systems are essential to prevent unwanted incidents to escalate into hazardous events. On the other hand, unnecessary downtime in production needs to be limited to reduce financial loss. Reliable components and available systems are important aspects to control the risk level in your system and to protect loss of life, health, economy, environment and reputation. Safetec has extensive experience helping customers to control reliability and performance of their systems, and thereby ensuring safe operation and reducing cost.

We deliver services to all market sectors

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The aquaculture industry faces a number of challenges related to safety and emergency preparedness and response.

Safetec helps businesses map, describe and assess all sorts of risks. We have extensive experience with everything from risk analyzes of new projects to assessments of work operations, contingency planning, crisis management as well as courses and training.

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Safetec has a diversified project portfolio towards the health sector.

We have recently completed a study on reliability and vulnerability related to production of single dose medication packets, we have assisted Norwegian hospitals in the introduction of Norway’s new SAR-helicopter (AW101), and we have facilitated a series of workshops for the Norwegian Health Care Investigation Board. Starting this autumn (2022) we shall assist the Central Norway Regional Health Authority in carrying out a regional risk assessment.

The Norwegian health sector is continuously working with improving patient safety and quality. Safetec has more than 30 years’ experience working with these topics and has a strategic ambition to contribute with our experience towards the health sector.

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Safetec has many years of experience with small and large projects related to road and rail infrastructure, and provides services to builders, consulting companies and contractors.

Our advisors have long and solid experience, most with interdisciplinary academic expertise supplemented by personnel with extensive operational experience. This gives us a unique opportunity to assist our clients and understand the various challenges within risk management and risk-based decision support, in all project phases from early planning to operations.

Safetec has an ambition to grow, and our commitment to the infrastructure sector is central to that strategy. We have framework agreements with several of the major builders and cooperation agreements with major consulting engineering companies.

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Safetec provides a wide range of services to the maritime industry. In collaboration with Blå Mediamentor, we have extensive experience in mapping and building safety culture and disseminating training programs, including for Frontline, Hurtigruten, Knutsen OAS, Solvang, BW and OSM.

We also routinely perform accident investigations and have recently assisted Klaveness, OSM and Trondheim port with investigative support.

We are one of the country's strongest professional environments within risk assessment and risk modelling and have provided such services for port authorities, the Norwegian Maritime Authority and equipment suppliers such as Kongsberg Maritime. For example, Safetec has 30 years of experience in analysing AIS data for collision studies.

Safetec is also working on new energy carriers and is head of a Joint Industry Project – SAFEN that addresses risk-based methods for hydrogen, ammonia and CCS. We have advisors who know the industry with its unique set of challenges, issues, frameworks and opportunities.

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Oil & gas

Within the oil and gas sector Safetec contributes to projects in all phases, from concept phase to construction, operation, as well as decommissioning. Safetec has extensive experience with a wide range of services within the field of risk and safety management.

Over the years, Safetec has performed a large number of studies, reaching from detailed analyses of complex installations or operations to analysis of specific operations. Typical services are risk analyses, security and emergency preparedness, barrier management, technical safety, HAZID and HAZOP, reliability, RAM, human factors, safety/security culture and training. Due to the wide spectra of backgrounds and multidisciplinary teams Safetec ensures that all aspects of human behavior, organizational structures and technical system design are considered.

Safetec has a comprehensive understanding of oil and gas business and the PSA requirements. We have had a strong relationship with the PSA through many years of working with RNNP (Trends in risk level (RNNP) ( Safetec has very good understanding of the requirements and the relevant NORSOK standards and have had a key role in development of NORSOK Z-013.

We strive to fulfil our customers’ needs by monitoring and participating in the industry development of new tools and methods. We are actively involved in research and development projects and Safetec has managed and/or contributed to several joint industry projects aimed at improving the quality of the tools and methods.

Safetec has in-depth phenomena knowledge of different gas releases and fires and explosions. We have a large team of consequence modelling experts and subsequently many of them has experience using risk analysis tools such as Kameleon FireEx KFX® and the FLACS CFD simulators.

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Public sector

Safetec works within the public sector towards the administration of both state and municipalities.

We are committed to offering services that strengthen the public sector and social security, both internally and in collaboration with others. This involves work for ministries and government, directorates and supervisory authorities, municipalities, county councils, universities and colleges, as well as commercial enterprises that are owned or controlled by the state/municipality.

Among other things, Safetec contributed with a background report on emergency preparedness storage of medicines, infection control equipment and medical-technical equipment in connection with the first report of the Corona Commission. Furthermore, we have carried out analysis of risks, emergency preparedness and security for a number of universities, colleges and research environments.

Safetec has also been an important contributor in investigations, evaluations and development of methodology guides associated with directorates and supervisory authorities. In recent years, we have, as an example, assisted the Petroleum Safety Authority with the implementation of the survey "Risk level in Norwegian petroleum activities" (RNNP.)

Safetec has employees with experience from a wide range of the public sector, both from municipality administration, state and defence. This makes us well equipped to understand the various challenges the public sector faces, as well as the premises within which they must be resolved.

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Renewable energy

Safetec has long experience and expertise within renewable energy and energy carriers. We want to contribute to enabling new technology and concepts in a safe manner. The renewables segment in Safetec includes:

  • Alternative energy carriers and energy storage, e.g. hydrogen, ammonia, e-fuel and batteries
  • Renewable energy, e.g. wind and solar power
  • Carbon capture and storage

In order to define cost-effective safety requirements, it is essential to understand how barriers can prevent, control and reduce the consequences of undesired events.

Safetec is involved in several R&D/innovation projects with the purpose of increasing the knowledge within renewables technologies. SAFEN – Safe Energy Carriers is an innovation project led by Safetec, with 14 different industry partners, aiming to close knowledge gaps relevant for the safety of hydrogen, ammonia and CCS facilities.

Safetec has contributed with risk analysis, safety assessments, consequence analysis and technical safety design for several hydrogen, ammonia and CCS facilities. Also, we contribute with regulatory compliance competency and in processes with authorities and municipality. Examples of clients we have worked with are Equinor, Gen2 Energy, Statkraft and Origin Energy. Within battery safety we have e.g. worked with Beyonder.

In addition, we have performed emergency response studies for several offshore wind concepts, e.g. Odfjell Oceanwind and Beacon & Empire Wind. We have also performed several risk assessments for offshore HVDC platforms related to offshore wind.

Our renewables team has long experience and competency to solve complex problems with the renewables sector. In addition, we have personnel with long operational experience that enable us to support our client in a very good manner.