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Personal data protection declaration

This personal data protection declaration describes how Safetec collects and uses personal data.

Safetec, through its general manager, is the data controller for the organisation’s processing of personal data. Where day-to-day responsibility is delegated, this is shown under each individual point. Delegation only refers to the tasks, not the responsibility. The declaration contains information you are entitled to when information is collected from our website (Personal Data Act section 19) and general information about how we process personal data (Personal Data Act section 18, 1st paragraph).

Processing of personal data on and

We collect information from you when you visit our website based on functionality and user perception. We use this information to look at patterns of use, so as to optimise our content. To do this, we use cookies on our website (for more information about these, see the section below).

It is voluntary for individuals visiting the website to provide personal information in connection with services such as applying for a job. The basis for processing is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Imbera is the service provider for and Wix is the service provider for The service providers contribute to the operation and development of these websites. Information that is collected in the operation of the websites is stored on dedicated servers that are operated by the service providers. Only Safetec and the service providers have access to the data that is collected. What information the service providers have access to and how this is to be processed is regulated in separate data processor agreements between Safetec and the service providers.

Website statistics

Safetec collects de-identified (anonymous) information about visitors to and This is done for the purpose of preparing statistics that we use to improve and further develop the information that is offered on the website. Examples of what the statistics provide answers for are: how many visitors there are to different pages, how long the visit lasts, what websites the users have arrived from and what browsers are in use.

The data is processed in de-identified and aggregated form. De-identified means that we cannot track the information we collect back to an individual user.

We use Google Analytics and Visitor Analytics as analysis tools on our websites. The information is not divulged to third parties by Safetec.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a web page to give you a better service. In using our websites, you consent to our putting these cookies in your web browser. Most modern browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically. If you do not want this, you can change the settings on your browser. You can read how to set up your browser to accept or reject cookies at

The following cookies are used on

Source: WordPress
Purpose: A cookie is set by WordPress CMS to control how content is displayed and to keep track of different visitors.

Source: Google Analytics
Purpose: This gives us statistics on how the website is being used, which are used to improve and develop the information offered on the website. The cookies anonymise all the data. All they tell us is the number of visitors, where they come from and which pages are visited.

Source: Wordfence
Purpose: Wordfence is a security plugin for WordPress that helps to protect the website. Wordfence sets three cookies:

  • Live traffic: Checks whether the user of the site is a bot (robot) or a person, identifies repeat visitors and displays this in the “Live traffic” feed in the WordPress control panel.
  • Country blocking: A cookie that can be used to block users from specific countries.
  • Session: Helps the website to remember if a user is logged in (and confirms the user role that they have) to prevent a user being blocked accidentally while working in the WordPress control panel.

Cookies that are used on are described in more detail here: The following cookies are also used on this website:

Source: Visitor Analytics
Purpose: This gives us statistics on how the website is being used, which are used to improve and develop the information offered on the website. The cookies anonymise all the data. All they tell us is the number of visitors, where they come from and which pages are visited.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Send files

Safetec uses as a service that enables the secure exchange of large files with our customers. Conditions for using the service and information about personal data protection may be found here:

Job applications

Safetec uses CVideo’s job portal for recruitment purposes. Registration in the database is based on voluntary consent. The portal uses cookies to remember your settings and authentication and to collect statistics to improve and develop the service. CVideo processes candidate information on behalf of Safetec and uses subcontractors to assist in data processing. How personal data is to be processed is regulated in a data processor agreement. Find out more at:

Searching the website

Safetec does not keep information about what search words users enter in the search tool on our websites.

Sharing content on and

When you share content on the websites, information is immediately entered with the online community that you choose. How each online community then processes the data is regulated by your agreement with the online community. However, no information about that you have shared an item is saved by us.

Chat on

The chat function on enables visitors to communicate with the site’s appointed administrators. The chat function is an integral part of the total delivery of the website. Chat history is saved for those who have access to the website as administrators – there is no direct information about who has made contact beyond a generated visit number and the information entered by the visitor him or herself. The IP address is registered but it is not visible to Safetec. It only provides information on whether this is a new or repeat visitor and the type of browser being used.

Information about customersa

As part of the customer relationship, we are required to obtain information such as name, address, corporate registration number and other essential information. We only use this information in our relationship with you as a customer, for example to answer your enquiries, send quotations and complete your orders. Customer data is registered in our project room and associated customer database.

The information that you give us is kept for as long as the customer relationship continues. You have the right to inspect, correct and delete any data about you that we have stored. We also keep data for as long as we consider appropriate after a customer relationship ceases. This is to help you with any history if you should have need of it.

E-mail and telephones

Safetec uses e-mail and telephones to follow up customer relationships and operational activities and in general dialogue with internal and external contacts. Information that is provided by telephone calls and e-mails is registered and saved if this is necessary for responding to enquiries or complying with agreements or if legally required. In such cases, this information is processed as described above (see “Information about customers”).

Employees have a list of the most recent calls on their telephones, but there is no systematic registration or recording of telephone calls. Safetec’s employees are responsible for deleting e-mails that are no longer current. When an employee leaves, the e-mail account is deleted, but some relevant e-mails will normally be transferred to colleagues. Please note that normal e-mail is not encrypted. We would therefore advise you not to send confidential or sensitive information by e-mail.

Questionnaire surveys

Safetec uses Netigate to conduct questionnaire surveys. Only Safetec and Netigate have access to the data that is collected. What information the service provider has access to and how this is to be processed is regulated in a separate data processor agreement between Safetec and Netigate. In cases where Safetec performs questionnaire surveys with processing of personal data for customers, there will be processing agreements for this. We will always inform about the purpose of the survey, how long the data will be kept and other rights by means of informed consent. Safetec will not share the information with others or use it for any purpose other than what has been stated. Data from surveys that is used for future comparison and research will always be anonymised.

Visiting Safetec’s premises and participating in our events

List of course participants

When you register for a course, the information is kept for use in course administration and for collecting course fees.a We will also ask you for information about allergies for preparing lunch. Deletion procedures for data connected with invoicing follow the Accounting Act.

List of visitors

Safetec does not keep lists of visitors to our premises. Visitors will always be accompanied by one of Safetec’s employees.

Information about employees

Safetec processes personal information about its employees for the administration of salaries and personnel responsibilities. The legal basis follows from the Personal Data Act section 8, first paragraph and section 8 a), b) or f) as well as section 9 a), b) and f). It is Safetec’s HR Manager who has day-to-day responsibility for this. The information obtained from the employees themselves and access to various types of information is limited to official needs.

Information that is essential for paying salaries, such as basic data, pay level, hours recorded, tax percentage and tax municipality, is registered. Other information about employees is in connection with the employee’s work instructions, preparation of work, access controls in office premises and access control in the IT system. Information is only divulged in connection with salary payments and other distribution required by law. Deletion procedures for personal data follow the Accounting Act.

The skills profiles of employees may be provided to customers in connection with the customer relationship, and information about employees’ names, positions and working areas may be published on Safetec’s websites where there is a legitimate interest. Skills profiles are deleted if employees leave our employment.

Logging in Safetec’s technical systems

Safetec has general security logs in its technical systems and responsibility for these has been delegated to the IT Manager. It is the employees’ use of technical systems that is registered. To safeguard the security of our systems, no further information about this is given here.

The legal basis for such logs is the requirement for keeping logs in the Personal Data Regulations, sections 2-8 and 2-14, and the Personal Data Act, section 8 f) to safeguard the security of the organisation’s information other than personal data.


According to the Personal Data Act, section 18 subsection 1, anyone who asks is entitled to basic information about the processing of personal data by an organisation. Safetec has given this information in this declaration and any such enquiries will be referred to it. Those who are registered in one of Safetec’s systems are entitled to inspect their own information. They are also entitled to ask that incorrect or incomplete information or information that Safetec is not permitted to process is corrected, deleted or supplemented. Such demands from the data subject must be responded to without charge and within 30 days.

Contact information

Telephone: +47 73 90 05 00
Postal address: Sluppenvegen 6, NO-7037 Trondheim

Changes to the personal data protection declaration

Changes may occur to our personal data protection declaration. We therefore encourage interested parties to regularly investigate our website for changes. The date of the most recent change is 05/06/2018.