HSSEQ and sustainability

Appropriate, safe, and sustainable solutions are important both for projects and operational activities.

Through a good overall understanding of technological solutions used by an organization to carry out given operations, Safetec helps our customers to better understand and manage HSE matters and establish sustainable solutions in projects and operations.

In order for solutions to be sustainable, they must safeguard economic interests, social conditions and the environment. Sustainable solutions are demonstrated through e.g., certifications such as BREEAM Infrastructure and current ISO standards.


Safetec has developed decommissioning guidance for the Norwegian sector and our personnel have worked with and contributed to UK guidance documents.

Our personnel have developed and implemented strategies/ roadmaps for waste management projects that continue for significant periods after the assets have been brought to shore. The strategies are designed to support operators in appropriately managing the inherent environmental and reputational risks that can result from long term waste management projects; such strategies apply to onshore and offshore decommissioning and for both the oil and gas and offshore wind sectors.

In addition, Safetec personnel have worked on FPSO, pipelines, umbilicals and subsea infrastructure, fixed and floating structure decommissioning projects over the last 12 years located in the UKCS, Middle East and India.

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Babak Alnasser

Managing Director - UK

Our decommission services:
  • Safety Case Management Strategy during late life and decommissioning (OP111)
  • Comparative Assessment support utilising OEUK Guidelines 2015
  • Formal Safety Assessments (FSA)
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • COMOPs notifications and associated studies
  • SIMOPs reviews
  • Decommissioning Waste Management Support
  • HAZID and HAZOP workshop support
  • Unplanned material change management

Environmental Management

Safetec helps to develop, implement and continually improve environmental management systems that are practical, and helps set the standard for consistent best environmental practices throughout the organisation.

Safetec personnel are highly experienced in setting up, embedding and continually improving a company Environmental Management System (EMS). This EMS includes support to ISO 14001 or OSPAR certified standards.

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Derek Duckett

Environment Manager
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Work streams include:
  • Risk and compliance registers
  • Developing written processes
  • Training
  • Internal auditing
  • Management review support

Environmental Planning

Safetec recognises that effective environmental planning is a key step in identifying robust mitigations at the onset of a new asset project and achieving the approval from the regulators and stakeholders to do so.

Safetec provides environmental planning support at the asset design stage such as Environmental identification (ENVID) workshop facilitation and Environmental Impact Assessment /Environmental Statement review and input, including survey reviews and chapters review.

Our services include:
  • Provide guidance on environmental surveys required to be conducted prior to ES development;
  • Lead Environmental Identification (ENVID) workshops at various design stages; and
  • EIA/Environmental Statement (ES) support including scoping, review support and development of certain ES chapters.


Safetec provides environmental consents advice and management consultancy to a range of industries each with their own distinct consenting systems.

Safetec’s expertise helps to ensure adequate consents are identified and achieved in time for the range of activities throughout the lifecycle of each client project/asset.

Safetec can provide expert consents advice either as directly seconded members into client teams (e.g., in Consents Manager, Consents Advisor and Project Environmental Advisor roles) to raise expertise overall, and/or to augment client teams’ expertise within specific areas.

Permits, Licences, Authorisations, Notifications and Consents support is covered by Safetec’s Consents offering.

This consents management and advisory support includes the leasing and planning process and then onwards once planning consent has been granted throughout the entire project asset lifecycle.

Our consents capabilities include:
  • Consents identification advice
  • Review of consent applications
  • Consent Plans development or review
  • Consent condition discharge support
  • Consent variation support


Safetec provides comprehensive, expert environmental compliance management and advice across a range of industries for a variety of requirements.

These compliance requirements include consent conditions, legal and regulatory, company requirements, relevant international standards, lender requirements and project specific requirements throughout the lifecycle of our clients’ project/assets.

Safetec can provide expert compliance advice either as directly seconded members into client teams (e.g., in Environmental Manager, Environmental Advisor and Environmental Clerk of Work roles) to raise expertise overall, and/or to augment client teams’ expertise within specific areas.

This support includes development or review of compliance documentation such as Environmental Management Plans, Commitments Registers, Environmental Emergency Plans and Compliance procedures.

Our compliance capabilities include:
  • Compliance documentation development
  • Compliance readiness and training
  • Day to day compliance monitoring, management and problem solving
  • Assurance (including audits or inspections), regulatory reporting and liaison
  • Environmental emergency/incident response support

Waste Management Consultancy

Effective waste reduction and management are critical to delivering on positive sustainable outcomes whether during development or decommissioning.

Safetec provides expert waste management consultancy to support sustainable development and decommissioning across a range of industries, both onshore and offshore.

Development Project Waste Management Support
For development projects, Safetec can design construction and operational waste management plans and undertake the necessary assurance assessments to ensure compliance during the project.

Broader support can be given to the project team via input to contract schedules, RAMS, and readiness workshops with respect to waste management, and support in identifying and assessing suitability of wastes for reuse or recycling during construction.

Decommissioning Project Waste Management Support
For decommissioning projects, Safetec can design and implement project specific Materials Management Strategies (MMS). These identify the waste management considerations and actions at the key stages of the project and can be mapped to the individual decommissioning work breakdown structures for ease of reference.

The MMS remains live throughout the project, tailored to individual project needs and aligned to the contracting arrangement to be employed between client and contractor(s), enabling clients to address regulatory requirements, and encompassing discrete deliverables such as Active Waste Management Plans.

Safetec’s support can be delivered at all stages of a decommissioning project:
  • The early planning stages:
    Where we can review and input into the waste sections of Decommissioning Programmes and support clients in developing initial waste management targets.
  • Pre-contract award:
    Where we can develop the waste sections of the decommissioning ITT contract scope; support with contractor selection, including assurance audits of prospective dismantling yards, and support development of waste management targets to be implemented during the project.
  • Post contract award:
    Where Safetec can provide liaison with and monitoring of the dismantling yards/waste management facilities to assess compliance with the MMS and achievement of the project waste management targets, support in preparing waste related applications such as transfrontier shipment notification, waste management reporting and liaison with the regulator(s).