Leadership, organisation and safety

Safetec assists Norwegian and international businesses across various industries in understanding their own risk picture at the interface between people, technology and organisation. We offer interdisciplinary expertise and have extensive experience in mapping, analysing and visualising how various factors affect the risk picture.

Human Factors

Understand human strengths and weaknesses.

Safetec has one of Norway's most prominent professional environments within Human Factors, with projects across industries and companies. We carry out everything from standard analyses to tailor-made studies across disciplines. We use our knowledge of the interaction between people, technology, and organisation to contribute to safe and efficient operations.

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Bjarte roed
Bjarte Røed

Principal Safety Adviser

Examples of what we do:
  • Present analyses
  • Function and task analyze
  • Design of control rooms and control systems
  • Organisational and crew analyses
  • HRA (Human Reliability analysis)
  • HF in connection with barrier management
  • Crew Resource Management

Working environment

A good working environment contributes to a safe and efficient operation.

Safetec covers all needs for support within the work environment.

We help ensure that the proper studies and analyses are carried out at the right time in the design and operational phases.

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Jens C Rolfsen
Jens Christen Rolfsen

Department Manager
+47 73 90 05 00

Examples of what we do:
  • Experience transfer studies
  • Working Environment Risk Assessments (WERA)
  • Working Environment Area Limits and Charts (WEAL / WEAC)
  • Working Environment Design Reviews
  • Ergonomic task analyses
  • Chemical risk analyses
  • Work environment inspections

Human and Organisational Performance (HOP)

HOP is an operating philosophy that contributes to safe and efficient operation.

Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) have gained entry in many industries in recent years. HOP is a philosophy of operation based on human strengths and limitations and operationalized in a set of principles that lay down guidelines for safety work.

Safetec is Norway's leading professional environment within HOP.

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Sturle D Tvedt
Sturle Danielsen Tvedt

Chief Adviser

What we offer:
  • Anchoring for top management
  • Introduction to HOP
  • Course in incident investigations
  • Custom-made HOP programmes
  • «Accident investigation in advance»

Safety and security culture

Good safety culture is a prerequisite for safe and efficient operation. Security culture/securing culture is the part of the organisational culture that affects security.

Safetec assists Norwegian and international companies in managing the safety culture by understanding and addressing the factors that influence "this is how we do here."

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Leif inge Sørskår
Leif Inge Sørskår

Principal Safety Adviser

What we offer:
  • Assistance for anchoring and understanding
  • Mapping using questionnaires and interviews
  • Power BI dashboard as part of the delivery
  • Guidance and support for designing the proper measures
  • Management support, coaching, and guidance

Management systems

Safetec helps to ensure consistency between the management system and reality.

A sound management system is part of the foundation for safe and efficient operation. Safetec has extensive experience advising companies that want to strengthen the correspondence between the management system and practice.

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Linda M Pedersen
Linda Martens Pedersen

Specialist Adviser

What we offer:
  • Gap analyses
  • Support for implementation of management systems
  • Expert assistance with the purchase of management systems
  • Transfer of experience across industries and businesses

Safety audits

Audits provide good opportunities for insight and learning.

Safetec has extensive experience in planning and conducting security audits.

We emphasize understanding the interplay between technical, operational, and organisational conditions and know that safety audits are a good tool for following up on the status of indicators and risk-influencing factors.

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Jens C Rolfsen
Jens Christen Rolfsen

Department Manager
+47 73 90 05 00

A safety audit can:
  • Map the status of risk-influencing factors
  • Give early indications of challenges
  • Increase risk awareness in the organisation
  • Reduce risk and increase efficiency