In several projects, Safetec works with the further development and use of existing methodologies in both new and existing industries.

Here are examples of projects where Safetec has actively used innovation to help customers with their challenges:

Equinor Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Development of new technology requires good design processes where safety is taken into account early in the process.

Safetec contributes to safe and efficient carbon capture and storage by combining our experience from safety studies of land-based facilities and carbon capture and storage solutions. We have done this together with KBR for Northern Lights, which is part of the full-scale carbon capture and storage project "Longship". Learn more about the project here.

Hospital 1


Safetec has worked with the National Commission of Investigation for the Health and Care Service (Ukom) in Norway. We have been responsible for developing and implementing a series of workshops for investigation methodology and validity.

The aim was to establish a unified approach to interdisciplinary incident investigations, and thereby contribute to learning and improving patient safety throughout the "patient journey".

Climate Futures

Climate Futures

This is a center for research-driven innovation (SFI) that innovates new methods and assessments to meet climate change and future climate risk.

In Climate Futures there are many parallel projects. Safetec is working on a project where we try to connect ship data, weather data and accident data to say something about future changes in risk due to climate change.

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Ingar Fossan

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