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Upgrading the Majorstuen subway station

Upgrading Majorstuen station is a major project that will affect the everyday lives of many people who use and travel around the station daily. Safetec collaborates with other consulting engineering companies and architects in the Team Major association, which plans, designs and provides guidance for the construction of the upgraded station.

Safetec assists with risk analyses to ensure the station and surrounding area are accessible and safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists during construction, but also after the station has been upgraded.

Marte Mikalsen

The team from Safetec has played a decisive role in the project by carrying out thorough analyses within RAM, safety and security. Their expertise in the various fields and accuracy have provided a good basis for the RAMS work.

– Marte Mikalsen, RAMS-leader Sporveien

Majorstuen station, a subway station with 11 million passengers a year, will be rebuilt and at the same time be largely open and accessible to the public. Travelers should be able to take the subway and travel in the area as usual, just as safely as before. The same applies to operating personnel and local businesses who operate in the area.

Risk analyses to identify potential dangers

In order to make changes to the station, parts of the area must be closed off. However, the project aims to provide clear information and facilitate safe access routes for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Therefore, Safetec carries out risk analyses to identify potential dangers and conflicts between, for example, construction work and the subway operation, as well as between construction work and people traveling in the area.

Implementing appropriate measures

The risk analyses are based on progress plans, drawings and 3D models to uncover discrepancies and to further implement appropriate measures. The project is run in close cooperation with actors such as Ruter and Oslo municipality to safeguard accessibility for travelers without compromising safety.These trade-offs are sometimes demanding as a result of conflicting needs. A constructive and close dialogue between Sporveien, Ruter and Oslo municipality and others ensures that proposed measures are introduced in a comprehensive and feasible way.

Roger Johansen

The RAMS and risk aspects of the project are demanding and there has been a great focus on certain parts which are considered to have a high risk during implementation. Safetec has been a good contributor carrying out risk analyses.

– Roger Johansen, Head of Team Major

- Safetec's work has helped to reassure our client and still keep the project risk at an acceptable level. As we are now at the very end of the pre-project phase, I can conclude that Safetec has delivered as I expected, and my expectations for Safetec are high, says Johansen.

The next planning phase starts just after the summer holidays in 2023.

Human engineering perspective

In the project, Safetec uses a design and a proposal for a solution as a basis for risk analysis. Meetings are facilitated to analyse and identify potential dangers for those who work with and take the subway, and for neighbours of the subway.

Karen Ranestad 1

Our focus is to look at the subway from a human engineering perspective to ensure that the subway is designed and built in such a way that we minimize the risk of personal injury and accidents. – Karen Ranestad, Safety Lead, Team Major.

– Karen Ranestad, Safety Lead, Team Major


Project: Upgraded Majorstuen station.

Client: Sporveien

The assignment: The project includes improving existing platforms, establishing a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the track area and establishing a new rectifier for the subway.

Purpose: The project's purpose is to reduce station dwell time in order to facilitate increased train frequency when the Fornebu Line is introduced.

RAMS: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety. RAMS are elements of the railway that are sought to be taken care of through a process where risk assessments provide input for the planning (design) of the upgraded Majorstuen station.

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