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Providing Insight to Your Data

Safetec is a leading provider of risk management services. Safetec has provided services to worldwide offshore,
maritime and land based industries since 1984.

Safetec Insight is an ongoing initiative to explore the possibilities of data in risk management. We believe that the
future requires interactive solutions. These solutions shall make data easily available, understandable and allow
us to make better and well informed decisions.

Leak Frequency Calculator

An important part of risk management is to be able to estimate the leak frequency in different parts of a process facility. The leak frequency is used as basis for estimating fire- and explosion frequency.

This calculator presents leak frequency estimations for offshore facilities at the Norwegian continental shelf. The leak frequency calculator has been implemented by Safetec based on the PLOFAM model developed in a joint industry project managed by Lloyd's Register on behalf of Equinor.

Safe Alpha QRA

Safe Alpha QRA dashboard is an example of how Safetec can present the results from a Quantitative Risk Analysis. Safe Alpha is an imaginary platform constructed as a real platform with living quarter, utility area and three levels of process areas. The main areas are further divided in segments and subsegments. The results are presented as a QRA on an actual platform, and is adjusted to fit the layout of Safe Alpha.

The Power BI dashboard enables the user to study the details of the results with much more flexibility than in a regular report. Power BI dashboards can be presented on any level of detail, based on the customers desire.