SIL in the Petroleum Industry

The course will introduce the concept SIL (Safety Integrity Level) related to requirements for instrumented security functions that work as barriers in a processing plant. The course provides an overview of relevant standards: SIL levels, what the SIL concept covers and basic methods of calculation and interpretation of results for a single security function. Participants will achieve an understanding of issues related to SIL and can participate in relevant discussions.

Target group: Recommended for people working with safety, technical safety, process safety and instrumentation, particularly within the offshore industry, but the principles will also be relevant for land-based processing industries.

Previous knowledge: Basic process, system and safety awareness. Knowledge of process safety and/ or instrumented safety systems is an advantage.

Course content:

  • Overall reference to relevant regulations
  • Basic concepts and elements
  • SIL requirement (three parts: calculation, architecture and quality assurance)
  • Easy examples in plenary
  • Exercise (pr. person or in groups)
  • Summary / Discussion