Security Risk Management

Keep your company competitive and ensure the security of your employees

Safetec has the competence and capacity to support businesses with high-quality analyses and assessments that keep companies shielded from the variety of threats they face. We combine technical, theoretical and practical know-how that meet the requirements from laws and regulations, international standards and best practices in order to conduct analyses and prepare and implement plans to keep your assets out of harm’s way.

Why security risk management?

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and complex. Countries and regions previously considered relatively peaceful are experiencing a new risk picture. Geographical distance and state borders matter less. Unwarranted, adverse attacks against companies and individuals can come from people in the local community and from half-way around the world. Your company may face a diverse set of threats: from industrial espionage from competing corporations and hostile states, to physical and virtual assaults and sabotage from terrorist groups and organised criminals, and assaults by mentally ill individuals. We help you to identify and manage the security risks in order to keep your company competitive and to ensure the security of your employees.

We provide an effective combination of hands-on practical experience, theoretical understanding and technical competence (IT-security; fire and explosion modelling). This allows us to handle a multitude of perspectives and subject them to rigorous analytical methods and techniques that are in compliance with the ISO 31000 and the standards in the NS-5830 series. The result will help you handle uncertainty in day-to-day activities, reduce friction and maximise the likelihood of achieving your business objectives in a hostile or complex environment.

What we do

Our experienced personnel include former military officers with backgrounds in operational planning and intelligence in counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency operations, a full complement of engineering disciplines, psychologists, and risk assessment specialists. The versatility of our personnel enables us to handle diverse tasks and roles. We can boost your capacity where you already have the skills but lack capacity, or we can provide new, important capabilities that will complement your organisation.

Safetec is a Recognized Security Organization (RSO), approved by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, in accordance with The International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS).

Our portfolio includes:

  • Security risk analysis
    Asset assessments
    Threat assessments
    Vulnerability assessments
  • Security plan design & development
  • Damage assessments
  • Object security/infrastructure protection
  • Blast mitigation
  • Contingency analysis
  • Contingency planning and crisis management plans
  • Education and training
  • Testing and auditing/Third-party verification

Advantages and benefits

Proper security risk management ensures that you handle threats to your own business in an integrated and cost-effective manner. It also makes sure that security incidents towards other players by third-parties don’t affect your activities. Risk reducing measures ensure that you are able to stay competitive if you experience crises. Other benefits:

  • Maximises own planning horizon and competitiveness
  •  Employees feel secure and are able to fulfill the organisation’s objectives
  •  Ensures company control over intellectual property
  •  Increases flexibility and robustness in own organisation
  •  Increases your understanding of actors outside own organisation
  • Security plan streamlines understanding and purpose within the organisation
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory demands
  • Neutralises the potential for reputational crises

Let’s talk

What security challenges do you face? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you manage your security risks in a way that gives you flexibility and enhances your likelihood of success.