Safety Culture

Understand how your organisation’s culture impacts safety performance

Safety Culture is the part of your organisational culture that impacts safety. It includes how people perceive risk as well as how they act, interact and communicate with each other. Safetec is a leading provider of safety culture services towards the oil and gas, transportation and maritime industries.

Why safety culture?

A dysfunctional safety culture has been an important cause behind several large scale accidents. Our multidisciplinary teams help our customers assess, understand and develop their safety culture in order to reduce risk exposure and achieve operational excellence.

What we do

Safetec has a pool of experts within the fields of social studies, organisational psychology and operations who work closely together with our clients. This is especially important in safety culture projects. We view the development of safety culture as processes that need to involve the entire organisation over a certain period of time.

Typical project activities include:

  • Dialogue with top management and employee representatives
  • Ensure that the project is deeply rooted
  • Assessment and familiarisation
  • Understanding the organisation’s unique setup
  • Interviews to understand stakeholders and interfaces
  • Pre-incident investigation
  • Developing a shared understanding of the way forward
  • Clarifying organisational expectations and goals amongst management and employees
  • Which tools to use in order to develop safety culture
  • Development
  • The organisation needs to develop itself – we cannot do it on their behalf.
  • Safetec is using a wide range of tools in order to develop safety culture, examples include workshops, management training and coaching, crew resource management and improvement of organisational learning processes

Advantages and benefits

Our structured approach to safety culture development will give you and your organisation unique insights into organisational strengths and weaknesses. In addition to having an impact on safety performance, these strengths and weaknesses will also influence other processes. This makes safety culture an ideal vehicle to improve general organisational performance.

Let’s talk

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