Performance Standards

Why performance standards?

Performance requirements are essential for safe design and for following up safety through barrier management in the operational phase. Performance requirements are usually documented in performance standards.

According to the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), performance requirements are verifiable requirements related to barrier element properties to ensure that the barrier is effective. They can include aspects such as capacity, functionality, effectiveness, integrity, reliability, availability, ability to withstand loads, robustness, expertise and mobilization time.

The term performance standard has its origin in the UK safety case regime. On the Norwegian Continental Shelf, performance standards play an important role in barrier management.

What we do

Safetec has developed and updated performance standards for several clients, with a special focus on the performance requirements in barrier management. Performance requirements are established in the FEED phase and are updated in the detailed engineering of a development project.

Traditionally, performance standards have been limited to the technical safety barrier systems, but lately requirements towards operational and organisational barrier elements are also included. While the technical barriers are tested and verified manly through integrity management systems, the status of the operational and organisational barrier elements are tested and verified through safety performance indicators and audits.

Advantages and benefits

The performance requirements assist the design and choice of equipment in the design phase and the verification of barrier elements in the operational phase. In the operational phase, adequate/solid/excellent? quality performance standards are essential in order to manage/when managing major accident risk.


Safetec has developed and updated performance standards for several drilling rigs and production installations.

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