Human Factors

Achieving operational excellence.

Safetec has the largest Human Factors group in Norway, serving the oil and gas, transportation and power sectors. Our strength is to draw on experience and knowledge from all industry sectors, as well as our core Human Factors competence, to help our customers achieve operational excellence.

Why Human Factors?

Human Factors is concerned with the interaction between humans, technology and organisation. By optimising the interactions between these factors, operational excellence can be achieved. This means positive effects for both production and safety.

What we do

Safetec has a pool of experts within the fields of human factors, psychology, engineering and social sciences working in multidisciplinary teams to ensure that all aspects of human behaviour, organisational structures and technical system design are considered. We tailor-make services to meet our customers’ needs, ensuring that we provide the required solutions. We also provide the full range of standard analyses and assessments, such as:

  • Situation analysis (complete mapping of current situation)
  • Function and task analyses
  • Task allocation (between humans, system and locations)
  • Workload analyses
  • Design of control rooms and of control systems (HMI)
  • Integrated operations and remote support
  • Scenario analyses
  • CRIOP analyses
  • Organisation and manning studies
  • Psychosocial studies
  • Working Environment studies
  • Human reliability assessments (HRA)
  • Human HAZIDs and detailed assessments of human contribution to major accident scenarios
  • Crew resource management (CRM) training
  • Development of operational philosophies and specifications and procedures, for example alarm philosophies

Advantages and benefits

With our Human Factors competence, and our full range of associated services, we can help ensure that your organisation and systems are designed to support the humans in their work to achieve both production and safety goals.

Why choose Safetec?

  • Broad multidisciplinary competence enabling tailored solutions
  • Ability to lead, coordinate and advise in large projects
  • Multidisciplinary teams with background from psychology, social science and engineering that ensure a complete understanding of interacting factors contributing to system performance
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with Human Factors and Working Environment methods
  • Extensive knowledge of authority requirements, standards and guidelines related to safety and Human Factors in the industry
  • Close cooperation with different industries and sectors and ability to learn from different industries to enhance safety and efficiency

Let’s talk!

Please get in touch to find out more about how our Human Factors competence can support your organisation in achieving operational excellence.