Keep your company competitive and ensure barrier management for your business

Safetec has the competence and capacity to support businesses with high-quality BowTie analysis and assessments, helping companies to visualise barrier overview and management. We combine technical, theoretical and practical know-how that meet the requirements from regulations, international standards and best practices in order to provide analyses which visualise the companies’ barrier management. BowTie will help your employees to understand the importance of barrier management and control in order to prevent major accidents.

Why BowTie assessment?

BowTie assessment and analysis provide a demonstration of barrier management and increase the working staffs’ understanding of how the barriers are connected to each other and the importance of it. The BowTie is customised to meet the requirement for the Structured Hazard Identification and Control (SHIDAC) process as described in the IADC HSE case guidelines for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU). The SHIDAC is based on the ISO 17776 Risk Management Process. The IADC MODU HSE case is accepted as part of the documentation required for an AoC (Acknowledge of Compliance) required for MODUs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

What we do

Our BowTie teams are highly specialised in using the latest available method and tools to support your organisation with a plant or installation specific BowTie analysis, visualising the barriers and the barrier management. We plan and execute BowTie analysis, including facilitating workshops and providing you with an analysis meeting your requirement. In addition, Safetec provides BowTie courses at our Competence Centre in Bergen, or as in-house courses modified to meet your requirement. The figure below illustrates how the BowTie is built.


Advantages and benefits

Proper barrier management ensures that you handle threats to your own business in an integrated and cost-effective manner. It also makes sure that the barriers are known by staff and are properly maintained to prevent or limit the impact of a major accident within your business. A systematic barrier management shall reduce the likelihood of experiencing a major accident, or reduce the consequence if an accident should occur.

Other benefits:

  • Visualise barriers in a systematic manner
  • Improve employees barrier understanding and awareness
  • Help identification of missing barriers and controls
  • The BowTieis valuable in maintenance planning when maintaining barrier systems
  • The Incident BowTieXP version provides you with a tool that can be used for barrier workforce mapping by use of questionnaires, providing you with information of the workforce barrier knowledge and their assessment of the barriers quality and robustness
  • BowTie can be used in incident investigation

Let’s talk

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