Barrier Management

Improving safety by barrier management

The purpose of Barrier Management is according to the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) “to establish and maintain barriers so that the risk faced at any given time can be handled by preventing an undesirable incident from occurring or by limiting the consequences should such an incident occur”. Safetec is a leading provider of barrier management services to the oil and gas industry. The principles can also be applied to other sectors, such as transportation. One of Safetec’s advantages is that we have an integrated approach to technical, operational and organisational barriers.

Why Barrier Management?

Barriers against major accidents have always been in place in the oil and gas industry, but some major hazards have led to an increased focus on how these barriers are understood and followed up by the organisation. Our multidisciplinary teams help customers assess, understand and develop their barrier management in order to reduce risk exposure and achieve operational excellence.

What we do

Safetec has a pool of experts within the fields of engineering sciences, social studies, organisational psychology and operations who work closely together with our clients. This is especially important when establishing barrier management as barriers are technical, operational and organisational and the implementation process will include organisational development. A barrier philosophy and strategy does not in itself improve safety; the risk will be reduced only when barrier management is properly implemented in the operational life of the asset.

Typical project activities include:

  • Establishing a barrier philosophy for the company/operator
  • Establishing a barrier strategy for each asset
  • Based on current risks from QRA or safety case
  • Bowties or barrier HAZIDs to identify barriers
  • Establishing area specific barrier functions
  • Involvement of operational and supporting staff
  • Illustration of barrier functions in a user-friendly way
  • Identifying verification activities
  • Implementation of a barrier management system
  • Establishing work processes to follow up on barrier status
  • Identifying monitoring activities
  • Visualising the barrier status in barrier panels
  • Learning how to handle improvement actions
  • Training and education

Advantages and benefits

Our structured approach to barrier management will give you and your organisation an unique insight into the barriers protecting your company against major accidents. You will be able to monitor and follow up on these barriers in a way that is clearly set out. When barrier management has been implemented, the operations will be performed safer, and the organisation will have a better and common understanding of the risk.


Drilling rigs, fixed and floating production units, railway sector.

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