Data Collection and Analysis

Safetec has extensive knowledge and experience with reliability data collection and analysis. We can help you understand where your failures come from in order to improve your system.

Why reliability data?

It is important to have a good understanding of the past, current and future performance of not only your system but also the individual components. Collecting and analysing reliability and maintenance data will enable you to better understand the system and component performance and identify trends, bottlenecks and factors which influence performance the most. Analyses requiring reliability data are difficult to use as basis for important decisions, as low quality data leave too many uncertainties. We want to help you ensure a solid foundation leading to trustworthy results.

Our experience

We have extensive experience with many aspects related to reliability and maintenance data collection and analyses, including:

  • Knowledge and development/revision participation in ISO14224, which is the recognised international standard for collection of reliability and maintenance data.
  • 20 years experience in OREDA (Offshore Reliability Data) data collection for various OREDA JIP members.
  • 3 former OREDA project managers within the group.
  • 20 years experience of reliability data analyses as stand-alone service or as input to various reliability studies.
  • 10 years experience in extracting and interpreting information in maintenance management systems (primarily SAP) to adapt information to a usable reliability data format.

Why Safetec?

When collecting, analysing and using reliability data, there are many traps to fall into, which may lead to the wrong conclusions. Through our knowledge and experience, we are aware of these, as well as the fact that no analysis is better than the input data. We do not hide questionable data behind the answers, but rather seek to provide our clients with an overall understanding of the results and their basis. We use our experience to evaluate the quality of existing reliability data sources or assist in the collection of new reliability data, according to recognised standards. We can assist you with setting up a system for future reliability data collection, or take advantage of existing information you may have e.g. in your maintenance management system.

Let’s talk

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