Safety Audits

Monitor and follow up the status of risk influencing factors

Audit is a powerful tool for following up of the status of risk influencing factors. Safetec has extensive experience with developing and performing safety audits, focusing both on technical, operational and organisational aspects – and the interaction between them. We also perform audits towards compliance to government regulations and industry standards.

Why safety audits?

Major accident risk is influenced by a multitude of factors. Some of these are monitored continuously, for example through the maintenance program and/or as key performance indicators. There are however factors that change less frequently, such as the structural integrity of your process equipment or the safety culture of your organisation. These factors are more challenging to monitor continuously and are best followed up through safety audits.

What we do

Safetec can conduct independent audits in your company or supply your internal audit teams with our third party perspective. Our teams of advisers consist of experts with diverse professional backgrounds (e.g. engineers, psychologists and social scientists) and can perform audits within a wide range of fields, from verification of technical safety systems to performance of safety critical tasks and safety culture.

Methods used in our audits are:

  • Surveys/questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Document reviews

We are also familiar with the requirements in relevant ISO and NORSOK standards.

Advantages and benefits

Safety audits will help your organisation to monitor and follow up the state of all types of risk influencing factors, all the way from safety critical technical components to your overall organisational performance. This will increase your possibility to receive an early warning of decreasing performance, and let you take the required actions before and accident occurs. If audits are carried out periodically, this will let you trend the results and follow up safety performance over time.

Let’s talk

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