Escape and Evacuation Assessments

Make sure that your evacuation system is optimal before you need it.

Optimal evacuation systems will ensure that the evacuation of your personnel or customers can be done as quickly and safely as possible in case of an incident. Safetec has long experience in helping organisations optimising their evacuation systems and documenting that the relevant regulations are satisfied. Safetec is a leading provider of evacuation analyses towards the oil & gas, transportation and maritime industries and can do analyses for platforms, vessels, tunnels and buildings.

Why evacuation analyses?

In case of a threatening emergency situation, the safe rescue of the individuals involved may depend on an effective system of evacuation. If the system is not functioning, the people present may be hindered or in worst case trapped, which may again result in human casualties. Our expert teams help our customers make sure that there are no hidden traps and optimise the evacuation systems so that personnel may escape as effectively as possible in a critical situation. An analysis would also document the compliance with relevant regulations.

What we do

Safetec has a pool of experts within risk analysis, probability and availability calculations, emergency preparedness, human behaviour and evacuation. We have tools to simulate the flow of personnel and the launching of life boats. We can cover all aspects of the evacuation analysis. When the analysis is ready, the training experts of the Safetec competence centre will help you train the organisation in line with the conclusions of the analysis.

A typical evacuation analysis may include the following elements:

  • A risk analysis and the establishment of dimensioning accidental events that may require evacuation.
  • Determining whether or not sufficient escape routes are accessible from all areas and in all defined situations.
  • The calculation or simulation of evacuation time for personnel in defined situations and relevant weather conditions.
  • The calculation or simulation of lifeboat launching time and probability of a successful launch.
  • Determining the most favourable locations for lifeboats, life rafts, personal life-saving appliances, temporary refuge, mustering stations etc.
  • Determining the necessary capacity of safety equipment.
  • Evaluation of design.

Safetec is using a wide range of tools in order to establish a basis for decisions, document the status of the evacuation system, or give advice on improvements. Examples include workshops, simulation tools, and up to date training facilities.

Advantages and benefits

Our comprehensive approach to evacuation analysis will cover your needs regardless of your field of business, which elements you are operating in, and what regulations you are subject to. We will customize the evacuation analysis to fit your needs.

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