Contingency Planning

Good contingency planning ensures that you get back in business as soon as possible after a disruptive incident. You may have emergency plans for how to act in an emergency situation, but do you have a plan on how to get back in business after an emergency situation?

Why contingency planning?

An emergency situation may interrupt your business and affect your operation in the shorter and/or longer term. One example is that a fire may damage important equipment, there can be long delivery and installation times for the replacement or repair of this equipment before you can get your operation back on track. If you are prepared with a plan, it will help you to get back in business faster.

What we do

We can help you to establish a business contingency management system to protect you, to reduce the likelihood of occurrence, to prepare for, respond to and quickly recover from disruptive incidents when they arise. We can also help you to implement contingency management systems which must describe who in the organisation is responsible to act after an disruptive incident and what they must do.

We will also help you to identify possible incidents that have the potential to severely disrupt your business, or even to send you out of business. We then help you to prepare for a variety of possible scenarios and to plan for how to get your production back, or how to reduce the downtime and how to regain and maintain business whilst temporary or permanent solutions are being implemented.

Advantages and benefits

It is much easier to get back in business after a disruptive incident, if you are prepared, and we can help you to prepare.