Improving safety by verifications

The purpose of design verification is to ensure that systems are designed according to requirements, and maintained and operated in a safely manner. Safetec is a leading provider of highly skilled consultants with in-depth knowledge of technical safety systems, relevant regulations and requirements in the oil and gas industry. One of Safetec’s advantages is that we have an integrated approach to technical, operational and organisational aspects, much linked to the overall Barrier Management.

Why verification of design?

Barriers against major accidents have always been in place in the oil and gas industry, serving an important role in securing life, environment and assets. However, the robustness of the barriers is only ensured through correct design, maintenance and operation. Our multidisciplinary teams help customers to verify if requirements for design are met and properly followed-up in operation and in modifications.

What we do

Safetec has a pool of highly skilled technical safety engineers, familiar with design and verification of safety barriers. We provide personnel to client’s internal verification teams or perform standalone internal or external verification. Safetec also has solid experience in developing verification schemes, using our competencies in operational and organisational aspects.

Advantages and benefits

Our approach to verification activities is based on our unique expertise within safety risk and compliance. Our consultants have a structured approach to verification; utilising tools such as document review, interviews, testing and field surveys, and will always be totally independent from the verified party. Independency ensure that consultants are not coloured by any operational habits, putting them in a position to ask the right questions to discover any direct or underlying cause for any futures incident. Presight before hindsight.


Fixed and floating production units, drilling rigs and onshore petrochemical plants.

Let’s talk

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