Safety Case and ALARP

Specialists in Regulated Offshore Environments

One team, collaborating across time zones to provide speed to market analysis, strategically placed to provide rapid access to most internationally regulated environments. Close to major Asian shipyards and to Engineering and Operation HQs in Asia Pacific and Europe. Safetec is active in Asia, Australia, USA and the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea (UK HSE, NOPSEMA, PSA, BSEE).

Why Safetec?

Safetec offers specialised advice based on a deep understanding of international offshore regulations and safety legislation, helping you to achieve regulatory compliance. Anyone wishing to operate an installation in regulated waters, whether it be a flotel or a complex of jacket mounted platforms, is required to have a Safety Case accepted by the Regulator (UK HSE, NOPSEMA, etc). The Safety Case demonstrates compliance with several sets of mandatory regulations which dictate the safe design and operation of any installation in regulated waters. These regulations are founded on the ALARP principle – that the risks to life on an installation are As Low As Reasonably Practicable.

We have a wide range of experience in supporting a variety of installations and clients through each stage of the life-cycle of an installation, from design through to decommissioning and dismantlement, and achieving regulatory compliance at each stage. In addition, we have the capability in the UK, Norway, Australia, Asia and in our offices across the world to conduct the analyses required to provide supporting evidence and the demonstration of ALARP within the Safety Case.

What we do

Our teams, in conjunction with our offices worldwide, conducts projects ranging from small-scale, specific analyses relating to compliance with individual regulations, through to the writing of a full Safety Case and its supporting studies. These can either be conducted at the design stage, or address changes and modifications carried out during the installation lifecycle. This can include:

  • Design Notification
  • Hazard identification (HAZID), Environmental Hazard Identification (ENVID) and Hazard Operability (HAZOP) Workshops and Studies
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
  • CFD studies (Helideck Turbulence, Flare and Vent etc.)
  • Fire and Explosion Hazard Analysis (FEHA)
  • Evacuation, Escape and Rescue Analysis (EERA)
  • Dropped Object Study
  • Temporary Refuge Impairment Assessment (TRIA)
  • Helicopter/Transportation Risk Analysis
  • Design Accidental Load Specification
  • Fire and Gas Mapping
  • Active and Passive Fire Protection Study (APF/PFP)
  • ALARP Workshops and Assessment
  • Vessel Traffic Surveys and Ship Collision Analysis (for Consent to Locate application)
  • Assessment of compliance with various sets of regulations (such as PFEER, MAR, DCR, PUWER, PSR,  COSHH, DSEAR/ATEX, etc)
  • Safety Critical Element Analysis and Performance Standards (+Verification scheme)
  • Environmentally Critical Element ( ECE ) analysis and performance standards
  • Development of Corporate Major Accident Prevention Policy ( CMAPP ), Oil Pollution Emergency Plans ( OPEP ), and other management system requirements to ensure compliance with the EU Offshore Safety Directive 2013/30/EU and the amended UK Offshore Safety Case Regulations 2015
  • Preparation of Design Notifications and Safety Cases
  • Safety Case management and updates
  • Safety Case Thorough Review
  • Performance Standards

Advantages and benefits of working with Safetec

We offer a complete Safety Case service and can provide all necessary assistance, analysis and support to achieve and exceed regulatory compliance and operational safety in Regulated waters throughout the life cycle of an installation. We help our clients demonstrate that the risks to life offshore are ALARP through a detailed understanding of their causes and consequences.

Other Advantages:

  • Communication and cooperation with the HSE, NOPSEMA, and other regulatory bodies
  • Experience with a wide range of installations and fields
  • Continuous support at all stages of the installation lifecycle
  • Flexibility to work on both small-scale and large projects
  • Regulatory compliance for mobile installations operating in UK, Australian, New Zealand and Norwegian waters

We maintain and use in-house software tools to allow us to execute QRAs at all stages of the design (from pre-FEED through to Detailed Design). Our on-site CFD modelling capabilities and expertise allow us to evaluate operational constraints (e.g. evaluation of helideck turbulence) as well as evaluate different design options (e.g. optimisation of location of vents with respect to crane operations) and consider the effects of fire and smoke generation on effective evacuation and escape in an emergency situation.

We anticipate that review; update and restructure of existing Safety Cases will be required in line with the EU Directive on safety of offshore oil and gas operations and will be working to support our clients through this process.

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