Hazard Identification (HAZID)

Identifying and documenting risks systematically

Safetec is a leading provider of HAZID/HAZOP, conducting over 70 analyses every year for numerous clients. There are several consultants with substantial HAZID experience which enable us to put up the best HAZID team for each assignment.


HAZard IDentification (HAZID) is a well known and well documented method. A HAZID is a systematic assessment to identify hazards and problem areas associated with plant, system, operation, design and maintenance. HAZID is used both as part of a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and as a standalone analysis for i.e. installation, modification, replacement, upgrading, reduction, isolation, lifting.

What we do

Safetec has a pool of experts within the fields of technical safety, human and organisation disciplines. The experienced pool enables us to put up either a highly specialised team or a multi-skilled team depending on the task. Safetec provides a strong third party with our knowledge and experience in the field. We also provide courses on the HAZID methodology.

A typical HAZID study will be conducted this way:

  • Familiarisation with background documentation
  • Planning of the workshop meeting in a pre-meeting with the customer in order to identify HAZID strategy, division of the system (nodes) and identifying guide words.
  • Accomplishment of the HAZID review
  • Documentation of observations
  • Draft report for client review
  • Final HAZID report

Advantages and benefits

Safetec puts large efforts into high quality of preparation, planning, accomplishment and documentation. HAZID is a qualitative method dependent on the outcome of guidewords, integration and motivation of participants.

Let’s talk

Please get in touch to find out more about how HAZID analysis can support your organisation and your clients. We know that time often is pressing and we put considerable efforts in responding quickly.