Flow and Dispersion Modelling

Vent gas and exhaust in a safe manner

Safetec has extended knowledge and experience with flow and dispersion modelling. We use the best software, combined with accurate models of the facility and engineering judgement, to reliably forecast the spreading of gas.

Why flow and dispersion modelling?

Exhaust and cold venting of gas poses a danger to both personnel and equipment if the gas spreads to unwanted places. Using flow and dispersion modelling you get a clear picture of how the gas spreads under various wind conditions, and this help you in designing your facility and constructing rules for various activities.

What we do

Safetec uses the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools, FLACS, CFX or KFX for advanced dispersion modelling, and PHAST for simpler scenarios. These are all leading software for dispersion simulations. Our team of experienced engineers are well trained in the use of these programs, and know their potential and limits, and use this to give you reliable simulations of gas dispersion. In addition, the team assess the consequences of these dispersions, and how changes in the surroundings and the environment will affect the gas cloud.

A flow and dispersion analysis from Safetec consists of the following steps:

  • A detailed geometry model of the facility is established to ensure realistic results.
  • Ventilation simulations are performed to calculate the air change per hour.
  • Dispersion simulations are performed to calculate the spreading of the gas.
  • Assessing the gas concentrations with respect to poisoning, flammability and other dangers.

Advantages and benefits

  • Approved and reliable industry standard software.
  • Engineering experience and judgment in addition to the simulations.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation between the different disciplines in Safetec.
  • Experience from other industries and companies.
  • Pictures of the simulated gas clouds for a clear view of the gas concentration in the area.

Let’s talk

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