Fire Calculation

Know in advance how a fire will spread

Safetec has extended knowledge and experience with fire modelling. We use the best software with accurate models of the facility and engineering judgment to reliably forecast the consequences of fire and smoke.

Why fire calculation?

Where there is flammable gas or liquid, a fire might ignite and spread, bringing with it dangerous levels of smoke and radiation. To minimize the damage this causes to personnel and equipment, it is good to know how likely it is that a fire starts, and how the fire and smoke evolves. A fire calculation will do this, and you can use the results to add and improve safety measures that protect the personnel and facilities from fire.

What we do

Safetec uses the CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) tools, KFX (Kameleon Firex) and Ansys CFX, to simulate fires. These are leading software for fire simulations. Our team of experienced engineers are well-trained in the use of these programs, know their potential and limits, and use this to give you a reliable simulation of plausible fire scenarios. In addition, the team assess the consequences of these fires and the accompanying smoke, and help you in designing your facilities.

Advantages and benefits

  • Approved and reliable industry standard software (KFX and CFX).
  • Engineering experience and judgment in addition to the simulations.
  • Experience from other industries and companies.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation between the different disciplines in Safetec.
  • 3D Pictures of simulated fires, together with plots showing radiation, smoke and temperature to give a clear picture of the risk.
  • Test safety measures like firewalls, deluge etc.

Let’s talk

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