Explosion Risk Modelling

Know in advance how an explosion affects your facility

Safetec has extended knowledge and experience with explosion modelling. We use the best software, combined with accurate models of the facility and engineering judgement, to reliably forecast the consequences of explosions.

Why explosion risk modelling?

In all areas with hydrocarbons, there is a chance that an explosion might occur. To minimize the damage an explosion can cause to personnel and equipment, it is good to know how likely it is that an explosion occurs, and also the potential consequences of such an event. Explosion risk modelling will give you this, and you can use the results to design safety measures to protect the personnel and facilities from the dangers of the explosion.

What we do

Safetec uses the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool, FLACS (Flame Acceleration Simulator), to simulate explosions. FLACS is the leading software for explosion simulations. Our team of experienced engineers are well trained in the use of FLACS, know its potential and limits, and use this to give you reliable simulations of plausible explosion scenarios. In addition, the engineers assess the consequences of these explosions and help you optimise the design of walls, decks and equipment with regard to explosion loads (Design Accidental Load Specification).

Advantages and benefits

  • Approved and reliable industry standard software (FLACS)
  • Engineering experience and judgment in addition to the simulations
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation between the different disciplines in Safetec
  • Experience from other industries and companies
  • Pictures of the simulated explosions for a clear view of the risk

Let’s talk

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