Renewable Energy

Safetec has, for many years, worked towards a broad energy sector, within wind power (onshore and offshore wind), zero-emission systems (hydrogen/batteries/ammonia), carbon capture and storage (CCS), as well as towards the grid and power sector.

Assessment of safety and reliability is an essential element when introducing new technology or changes of existing technology to ensure a successful result/outcome. This applies to all technology under development, also in the broad energy industry.

Safetec has broad experience with regulations, legislations and guidelines in the energy sector and ensures that the technological development towards greener energy continues in a safe manner. We cover all aspects of risk- and reliability management, from organizational to technical, and from preliminary design in feasibility studies to production and finally decommissioning. At Safetec, we enable our clients to understand and convey the complexity of the overlap between technological, human and organizational factors.

Typical services and topics our advisers provide are:

  • Hazop, Hazid, SAFEOP and design review
  • Bowtie- and barrier analysis
  • Reliability studies
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Security
  • Risk- and emergency analysis
  • Emergency plans and training
  • Compliance analysis/revisions
  • Safety Culture
  • Risk understanding and management
  • Organizational assessments
  • Accident investigation
  • Human factors
  • Environmental management and risk

We can help you in every phase; from concept, through design, to operation.

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