Life at Safetec

Safetec is continuously recruiting personnel to ensure competence and capacity in accordance with the market’s demand for our services.

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Why work at Safetec

Safetec represents a vital and dynamic company composed of skilled people with a strong passion for their work.
Our vision is to secure life, health, environment and other values and we aim to be the leading provider of services within the field of risk management.

Our work is based on our industry knowledge and expertise within technological, human and organisational factors. We assist our customers in understanding the total risk picture and its influence on organisational performance. By doing this we are enabling customers to plan and conduct safe, secure and efficient operations and change processes. We assist them in moving from hindsight to foresight.

How we work

Our work is based on communication with the customer in all phases of the project from information gathering to process leading, reporting, communication of results and recommendations and further follow up.

Safetec does not have a marketing department. Our marketing is done by the advisers through projects and customer courtesy. The advisers are responsible for the inflow of work.

We aim, at all times, to be at the forefront of the customer’s needs, the statutory regulations and development in the society, and the development of methods, services and tools is the responsibility of the advisers themselves.

All projects in Safetec are performed in cooperation within project groups, and we value, prepare for and demand sharing of information between our advisers.

We respect the adviser’s competence as well as private life and permit a high degree of freedom in the work. We have a high focus on quality in everything we do and an established quality assurance system to support this.

As the employees and their knowledge are our capital, we emphasise their professional and personal development.

Who we are seeking

Safetec is seeking highly skilled people with minimum a master’s degree who have an interest in and experience from the fields and markets we work within. Analytical skills and advanced technical understanding are requisite. You need to have excellent communication skills both orally and written. Integrity and flexibility are highly valued.

Advantages and benefits

Safetec makes a difference by protecting humans, the environment and other values against major hazards.
Safetec offers an incredibly good and flexible working environment, excellent colleagues and exciting, meaningful work.
Possibilities for development, growth and influence are given in accordance with performance.
Safetec offers competitive conditions.

Let’s talk

If you think you could fit our descriptions and feel that Safetec could be the place for you, please send an application or get in touch to find out more about available positions within Safetec.