Safetec makes a humanitarien contribution to Ukraine


Safetec’s board of directors has decided to contribute financial support to NRC’s efforts for humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in the conflict.

The war in Ukraine has shaken large parts of the world and affects us all. The humanitarian situation that has arisen means that we also contribute with support to those directly affected.

On Thursday, Safetec’s board of directors decided to contribute NOK 50,000 to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). They will provide financial support, shelter, and water to people affected by the conflict in the coming days and weeks. NRC itself has an operational team and several emergency relief camps in western and central parts of Ukraine. They also have emergency relief teams in neighbouring Poland, Romania, and Moldova to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to people crossing borders.

Photo: Becky Bakr Abdulla/Flyktninghjelpen

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