Do not forget the human perspective


Innovation Norway has approved Safetec’s application for developing a methodology for hydrogen safety. In addition to the assessment of technical integrity, as previously described (in Norwegian only), human factors must also be assessed.

It is well known that most hydrocarbon leaks occur where human factors have played a significant role in the course of events. Similar issues can be transferred to the hydrogen industry, and methods to assess human factors therefore must be developed and adapted. A mindset where human factors are seen from a systems perspective, often referred to as a sociotechnical system, has been important for managing safety-related risk in the petroleum industry and other high-hazard industries. Safetec aims to transfer this perspective to the growing hydrogen industry, through competence transfer and methodology development.

To avoid unnecessarily large safety zones onshore, developing a dedicated method for analysing human factors in the hydrogen industry will be an important piece of the puzzle. Safetec’s approach to developing safety methods, directly and indirectly, will facilitate the development of the hydrogen industry in a safe and cost-efficient way, for both the companies involved and society as a whole.

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