Safetec UK collaborates with LQE+


Safetec UK and LQE+ have embarked on a collaborative relationship to combine their skills and experience in guiding clients towards achieving Net Zero in line with the UN Paris agreement, UK government targets, and the recent OGTC “Closing the Gap: Technology for a Net Zero North Sea” report issued by Wood Mackenzie this month.

The synergies between Safetec UK and LQE+ shall provide clients with added confidence in our ability to deliver through the provision of technical experts and specialist teams. The wider overlap of appropriate technology selection, human-centric design, reliability and availability, environmental capability, human & organisational performance, and human factors offerings give both Safetec UK and LQE+ market-leading insight into aiding clients’ path toward achieving Net Zero targets.

Net Zero represents one of the greatest challenges this century. With the UK government taking a front seat by enshrining Net Zero by 2050 into law, the impact is being felt not just by the UKCS but to wider industries, economies, regions and indeed to all aspects of life. This will introduce new (and existing) tangible and intangible considerations to achieve an integrated energy system. The energy transition has added meaning, it is now, and we are here to support clients by aligning the pieces of the jigsaw to form a clearer picture for the future.

Safetec is a leading provider of risk management services.  The company has enabled its clients to improve safety and optimise business performance to worldwide offshore, maritime and land-based industries since 1984.  LQE+ provides specialist engineering and technical services to improve all aspects of Human Performance. With an integrated approach to managing technical, human and organisational factors, the collaboration between Safetec UK and LQE+ aims to strengthen combined offerings to provide a full range of collaborative services to all our clients.

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