Subsea tie-back capabilities


Oil and gas fields are increasingly being developed subsea with the production stream carried through pipelines back to existing production platforms, requiring modifications to the host facility topsides.

Safetec has extensive experience providing consultancy services for such subsea tie-back projects. This includes analyses of both the subsea tie-back template and the host facility, providing risk management and performance optimisation expertise to operators and engineering contractors. Safetec can assist clients throughout the entire lifespan of these projects.

What we do  

Safetec works with all parties involved in subsea tie-back projects in the concept, design, construction, installation, and operational phases. Safetec offers services ranging from supply chain optimisation studies, SIL and functional safety assessment, ship traffic analysis, dropped object studies, human factors reviews and quantitative risk analysis of the host facility, to updating of emergency preparedness plans and barrier management systems. Study packages are carried out for both topside and subsea components and can involve any number of work meetings throughout a project lifecycle. Safetec has personnel with a wide range of relevant expertise, covering safety-related workshops such as HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, and CRIOP.

Safetec’s extensive experience helps ensure seamless collaboration between stakeholders and vendors; we provide independent third-party verification and help clients increase profit. Safetec subsea tie-back projects on the NCS include Maria to Kristin, Dvalin to Heidrun, Fenja to Njord A (, Askeladden to Snøhvit and Snorre A (SEP) (Equinor) and Nova to Gjøa (Neptune).  In the UKCS, Safetec has provided safety and risk analysis input to multiple workshops for the Catcher North and Laverda project (BWO/ Premier Oil) and the Solan P3 infill well project (Premier Oil). Safetec has also recently conducted subsea isolation valve (SSIV) assessments for a proposed subsea tie-back to a platform in the Ninian field (CNR).

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