Safetec partner at Climate Futures


Safetec is pleased to congratulate NORCE and Bjerknes Centre for their successful application approved by The Research Council of Norway to establish the Climate Futures research center. The cluster of research and industrial partners will be functional in a few months’ time. Climate Futures’ research work will orbit around development of methods and models for prediction and control of climate risk in the time window 10 days to 10 years ahead. The research partners at the center are NHH/SNF, University in Bergen, Norwegian Computing Center, Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center.

Safetec will be an industrial partner at the center, and is looking forward to support the challenging research work required to find ways to respond to the emerging challenges posed by the drift in climate system variables. Our ambition is to bring our practical experience and competence in risk management to the table. Over the years, we have accrued much expertise through working with clients in a wide spectre of markets sectors on controlling risk factors. Working with climate risk will be a new domain to us, of which we are very much looking forward to address – in line with our vision to be the innovative partner constantly searching for the optimal solutions.

Explore further information at Norces’ website and Climate Future’s website.

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