Carbon Capture and Storage


Safetec contributes to make Carbon Capture and Storage projects safe

By combining our specific onshore experience and our team’s accrued knowledge from work with safety design of CCS systems, Safetec have delivered valuable input and high quality safety studies enhancing safe and efficient design of Carbon Capture and Storage project.

In 2019, Safetec was contracted by KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root Limited) in London for the Northern Lights Project FEED phase. This will be the world’s first storage facility that can receive CO2 from various industrial sources and has been dubbed “Northern Lights”.

Safetec has through various analyses been providing input to safe and efficient layout and design of the planned terminal:

  • Emergency Preparedness Analysis (EPA)
    • The FEED phase EPA was a part of the Total Risk Analysis, following the existing laws and regulations, the TRA, the EMERA (Escape, muster and emergency response assessment), the Northern Lights Safety Strategy and the Risk and Emergency Preparedness Analysis Guideline, GL0282.
  • Total Risk Analysis (TRA)
    • Risk assessment
    • Transformer fire and explosion risk
    • Consequence assessment based on CFD modelling
    • Ship Collision for LCO2 carrier
    • Assessment Risk reduction measures and recommendations
  • CFD Analysis (Kameleon FireEx KFX®)
    • Ventilation and CO2 Gas dispersion simulations
    • Fire simulations
  • Vent Analysis
    • Vent dispersion analysis has been performed to assess the locations of vents, the resulting concentration of CO2 at Northern Lights Terminal and provide recommendations for adjustments.
  • Logistics efficiency
    • Simulation model of the logistics with different ships and load points. Simulating case studies with various capacities, sailing distances and CO2 production rate demonstrate which scenarios can be handled under the given conditions and helps optimize logistics in terms of efficiency and cost. In particular, it establishes the boundary conditions for possible third parties and cost.

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