NPF’s Risk Management Summit webinar


Safetec has had a strong presence at NPF’s Risk Management Summit 2020

  • Vår Energi presented the “Major Accident Risk Indicator project”, (MARI). MARI has been developed in close cooperation with Safetec, and represents a method and a tool for monitoring of major accident risk at Vår Energi’s offshore production facilities. The risk level is measured based on a set KPIs measuring the condition of various technical, operational and organizational factors. The result is aggregated to an overall Risk Index which reviewed and evaluated by management at a regular basis.
  • Stein Haugen presented” Modelling Instantaneous Risk for Major Accident Prevention” (MIRMAP). The project was a joint venture, including NTNU, Safetec and Equinor (then Statoil). The project aimed at developing improved tools for supporting decisions about risk in short-term operational planning. The tool can be used in preparing work orders and work permits, for preparing work order plans and in work permit approval meetings. The tool can to a large extent use information from maintenance management systems, work permit systems, and barrier status systems as input, simplifying the updating of the risk picture. The results enable ranking of activities with respect to risk, and through drill-down it is possible to gain a better understanding of what contributes to high risk.
  • Jens Chr. Rolfsen presented “Measuring Safety Culture”, highlighting that measuring safety culture can be a powerful tool in understanding how organisational strengths and weaknesses influence performance. Some pitfalls to be aware of were underlined:
    • In our eagerness to measure, we face the threat of losing the value of the very concept we are trying to understand.
    • In our eagerness to improve, we face the threat of developing measures that are heavily influenced by the same organisational weaknesses we seek to mitigate.

Kudos to NPF for arranging an interesting and seamless webinar!

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