We facilitate simple risk calculations


Digitalization and the big data revolution have brought a shift in the way businesses work and collaborate. It has paved the way for new services and software revealing new insights in an increased number of domains. An increasing number of companies and authorities has learnt how to exploit the possibilities to strengthen their business performance and ability to reach strategic targets. Joint opportunities can be leveraged through sharing of the data enabling the various stakeholders to analyse the data from their individual perspective.

​We in Safetec believe in the power of open source and information sharing. We believe that sharing of open data promotes learning on how to manage risk even more effectively.​ The capability to effectively apply the data and models is key to enhance the safety performance of a given system or organisation. We believe that everyone should be equipped with the same toolkit to achieve this capability. We therefore would like to enable our clients and others to use these tools free of cost at our Insight website.

This platform is the start of how we in Safetec would like to promote open sourcing of industry standard risk calculations. The first three calculators launched today cover calculation of Safety Integrity Level, leak frequency and evacuation time.

Explore them at https://www.insight.safetec.no/.

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