Safetec at OTC Brasil 2019 in Rio


Chief Adviser Ingar Fossan, participated the panel session “Digitalized Deepwater Production Facilities for South America – Challenges and Opportunities” at OTC Brasil 2019. A white paper will be issued by OTC summarizing the key thoughts. Safetec is proud to be seated alongside industrial peers exploring future potential in new technologies. Safetec perspective in the presentation orbited around the opportunity for enhanced risk management by online digital barrier management systems and dynamic risk models for day-to-day risk based planning of operations. On other hand, Safetec emphasized that digitalization is not only about technology, in order to capitalize the benefits, we must bear in that humans will be in the loop also in the future. It is hard to imagine a future without activities requiring interaction of people with the technical systems. This calls for effective user interfaces, but more importantly, the workforce have to be equipped to with the right skills, competence, experience and training etc. to operate and maintain the systems safely in an ever changing technological environment. History has taught us that the human factors are important to incorporate in the design to minimize the occurrence of incidents. If the digitalized systems are not used by the sharp end, a sophisticated system at the management level is of little help.

Safetec would like to thank OTC for the invitation to take part in the panel session.

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