Carbon Capture and Storage


Safetec has been awarded a contract by KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root Limited) in London for the Northern Lights Project.

KBR is performing the FEED phase of the project, to develop an onshore carbon dioxide (CO2) storage terminal in Norway. The terminal is a key component of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration project being undertaken by Gassnova, where Equinor, in partnership with Shell and Total are responsible for transport and storage. This will be the world’s first storage facility that can receive CO2 from various industrial sources and has been dubbed “Northern Lights”.

Safetec will provide input to safe layout and design of the planned CO2 terminal at Kollsnes. Combining our specific onshore experience for Equinor and our team’s accrued knowledge from work with safety design of CCS systems, we are confident that we will deliver valuable input and high quality safety studies enhancing the safety design of the Northern Lights project.

The Norwegian Government has stated that a Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) demonstration project will stimulate necessary development of CCS so that the Norwegian and European Union (EU) long-term climate targets can be reached at the lowest possible cost. A full-scale CCS value chain with capture from industrial sources, ship transport and permanent geological storage has been developed as a response to this ambition.

(Photo: Helge Hansen, Equinor)

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