Bench-marking of Safety Function Requirements


Safetec has recently performed a formal review of key parts of the management system of Gassco (a Norwegian-based international operator) pertaining to the management of process safety and major accident hazard risk. The review bench-marked the company’s requirements against internationally recognised good practice. The review focused not only on compliance, but also on whether the requirements were unduly restrictive, complex, unclear or otherwise not conducive to safe and effective operations.

Safetec utilised a highly competent team of specialists who performed a thorough review of relevant requirements. The team found in total five requirements of some eight hundred requirements, where corrective measures were recommended to be implemented in order to strengthen compliance. The team also found some areas where requirements were recommended to be streamlined to make them more easily understood, but as a whole, the vast majority of the set of requirements scrutinised where found to be consistent with best practice in the petroleum industry.

Safetec recognises the importance of effectively communicating findings and recommendations, both individually and as an aggregated overall conclusion. Findings and recommendations were summarised to make them easily accessible to both technical specialists and accountable line management. Also, unambiguous descriptions of technical findings were provided to give technical specialists a basis for technical follow-up of individual technical aspects. In addition to this, an overall conclusion was given to provide line management the basis they need to support the correct prioritisation of follow-up and information to stakeholders.

Photo: Gassco

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