JIP – Barrier Management in Operation


Safetec chairs a Joint Industry Project on Barrier Management in Operation for operators in the Oil and Gas Industry. A key aim of the JIP initiative is to create a strong forum consisting of both well-established and relatively new operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, to share experiences and lessons learned. The key takeaways from the JIP will also be summarized in a report.

Last week, the eight JIP partners met for a one-day workshop session to discuss challenges and best practices related to monitoring and verification of operational and organizational barriers, as well as use of barrier status information in daily decision-making. The workshop participants also had the pleasure of attending two excellent presentation held by Jan Tore Ludvigsen (Equinor) and Live Fornes (Vår Energi), respectively on Operational Barrier Elements in Greenfield Projects, and the Goliat Barrier Status Panel.

The JIP partners currently include DEA Norge, Gassco, Lundin Norway, OMV Norge, Neptune Energy, Repsol Norge, Vår Energi, as well as Safetec. As phase 2 of the JIP approaches an end, we are looking at the possibilities to extend the project into a third phase to further strengthen cooperation and learning amongst the participants.

If you have any questions, or if your company is interested in joining Phase 3 of the JIP, please contact project manager Ole Magnus Nyheim, tel.: +47 900 500 or email: ole.magnus.nyheim@safetec.no

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