Heading towards simpler offshore installations


The overall trend is that the oil and gas industry head towards simpler offshore installations which reduce the need for manning. The number of normally unmanned installations (NUIs) on the Norwegian continental shelf will therefore increase in the coming years.

The rules and regulations provide great freedom regarding alternative solutions, and the industry lacks incorporated practices for the design of NUIs. This raises several new issues, especially within technical safety and emergency preparedness. New concepts need creative solutions that are safe enough, reliable, easy to make modifications and maintenance to and that are cost-effective. Regarding emergency preparedness, new challenges of not having “everything” available locally will arise; essential preparedness roles, medical needs, evacuation and handling man overboard situations are examples of contingency issues that require new thinking for NUIs.

Safetec is currently working closely with many of our customers and partners on these issues. For us as advisors, it is exciting to work with the leading players in the industry on the development of future offshore concepts.

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