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Safetec has finalised an extensive assessment of safety culture in Jernbaneverket, the Norwegian National Rail Administration

Jernbaneverket, the Norwegian National Rail Administration, provides the infrastructure for rail services throughout Norway, and the organisation plays a major role in enabling safe and efficient train operations for passengers and cargo. Safetec, an ABS Group company, recently finalised an assessment of safety culture on behalf of Jernbaneverket. This is the third assessment in five years, all managed and executed by the same core project team. According to Safetec Project Manager Jens Chr. Rolfsen, this is likely the most thorough safety culture assessment ever conducted in Norway. Jens has been the project manager for all the safety assessments provided to Jernbaneverket, the first of which was carried out in 2010. “It has been interesting and rewarding to follow Jernbaneverket through the five-year period and to observe the positive development around topics such as safety management and risk perception,” says Rolfsen. In addition, he emphasises the importance of carrying out projects like this in close cooperation with the top management team.

“The result from this assessment of our safety culture is very encouraging for the years to come,” says General Director in Jernbaneverket, Elisabeth Enger. “We appreciate the work Safetec has done. These safety culture assessments have a primary function in contributing toward the development of Jernbaneverket. In addition, the assessments have provided a huge amount of experience and data that will be useful for future research and for improving learning processes in the broadest sense.”

Elisabeth Enger      JCR (Medium)
Elisabeth Enger   Jens C. Rolfsen
(Jernbaneverket)   (Safetec)

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