Managing risk on first Barents Sea installation


Many factors will influence the design and operation of offshore assets in arctic and extreme cold conditions, and meeting these demands safely will require next-generation solutions.

One of those solutions will be the integrated barrier management system Safetec is building for the Goliat FPSO on behalf of operator Eni Norge. Built to harsh environment specifications, Goliat will be the first production unit installed in the Barents Sea.

On schedule for 2015 installation, the FPSO is a highly sophisticated platform requiring an extensive integrated solution to meet PSA Norway requirements. Safetec’s method involves charting, verifying and managing barriers to verify a high level of safety and follow-up of safety critical barriers during operation.

Safetec is working closely with ‘High North’ operators to maintain the same risk level applied to the rest of the NCS, with a focus on reducing emissions to zero and the goal to help drive increased safety measures so accidents can be avoided in this environmentally sensitive area.

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