Pre-incidental investigations


Safetec can help companies prevent accidents from occurring by performing investigations before an accident occurs.

Put simply, causes of accidents can be grouped in two categories, initiating and underlying. Whereas the initiating causes often are clear cut and easy to determine, such as malfunctioning parts, the underlying causes are harder to determine, but at least as important. They are often rooted in competence, leadership, or cultural aspects.

–  When investigating accidents, it often comes back to “the usual suspects” – e.g. competence leadership or culture. By addressing challenges within these areas sooner rather than later, clients can avoid accidents and the related costs, Ole Magnus Nyheim explains. Nyheim is Discipline Leader and Senior Safety Advisor at Safetec.

With a holistic approach to safety and risk, Safetec performs pre-incidental investigations to identify weaknesses, and suggest appropriate actions, to prevent accidents from occurring.

–  We make use of 30 years of experience, well proven theories and advanced technology to identify a company’s weak spots. Clients avoid accidents by applying our experience to their present challenges. That is how we help prevent accidents from happening.

Ole Magnus Nyheim will present this topic at Granskningskonferansen in Stavanger, September 16th 2014.


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