Safety in drilling operations


Riggkonferansen 2014 covers three topics; opportunities in Asia, the competitiveness of the NCS and lastly, safety in drilling operations. Safetec will lecture on the latter of these June 12.

Sverre Andreas Kvalheim from Safetec is lecturing on safety in drilling operations at Riggkonferansen 2014. The conference takes place in Stavanger at Stavanger Forum from June 11 – 13.

Kvalheim will address the audience at the second day of the conference.

“Today, many rig operators are looking at safety the wrong way. They put too much emphasis on the single risk elements, and fail to see the bigger picture. It is in the bigger picture you find the bigger risks,” Kvalheim will argue.

His message is that a holistic approach to safety in operations is key to success. The rig operator needs to consider risks at different stages of the drilling operation, and understand how these risks affect each other. In short; interaction effects in drilling operations call for a holistic approach to safety.

“In Safetec we are developing tools to help the oil and gas industry manage risks and increase safety. For the time being, the ability to consolidate huge amounts of data and turn it into information is what our clients are asking for,” Kvalheim says.

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