Safetec at Underwater Technology Conference


June 18-19, the oldest subsea conference in the world, takes place in Bergen, Norway. It gathers 900 professionals and 60 exhibitors. Safetec will guide the audience through the application of RAM analysis for subsea fields at the second day of the conference.

“Costs on the NCS are rising. RAM analysis can help operators minimize production loss, increase revenue and gain profit. RAM analysis provides the decision makers with highly relevant information ahead of an investment or modification decision,” John Magne Øyra from Safetec, an ABS Group company, says.

At UTC, Øyra makes use of specific subsea field studies to show how RAM analysis can provide decision support for both design and operation of subsea fields.

“As costs are rising and margins shrinking, my guess is that the use of RAM analysis will grow in the years to come,” Øyra continues.

Affects the overall business performance
An important part of the RAM analysis is the sensitivity analysis. The sensitivity analysis assesses how production availability of the subsea system changes as OPEX or CAPEX changes. This way it becomes clearer to decision makers how alternative system designs and different maintenance regimes are expected to affect the overall business performance of the field.

“Typically, a large subsea field consist of more than 1000 components. Knowing how to add and remove components, capacities and configurations affect the business case is crucial. RAM provides this information,” Øyra ends.

UTC takes place at Grieghallen in the city center of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Øyra will address the audience at 13:30 the 19th of June.





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