Preparing for the Arctic


Beredskapskonferansen 2014 is the most influential conference on safety and emergency preparedness in Norway. It takes place in Tromsø on the 4th and 5th of June, and Safetec is present.

“Offshore activity on the NCS is moving into the Barents Sea. So is Safetec. Establishing our Tromsø office in 2013 was the first marked step into the Arctic region”, Anders Karlsen says. Karlsen is  Senior Safety Engineer at Safetec and responsible for Safetec’s participation at Beredskapskonferansen 2014.

Together with Kai Arne Jenssen, Bjarte Ims and Stine A. Ranum, Karlsen will be representing Safetec at Beredskapskonferansen. Kai Arne is working out of Safetec’s office in Tromsø.

Beredskapskonferansen 2014 is the sixth consecutive conference on safety and emergency preparedness. It takes place at The Edge hotel in Tromsø with the Barents Sea only a few miles away.

“Even though peak production in the Barents Sea lies many years ahead of us, the pace of development is gathering momentum as we speak,” Kai Arne says. “Infrastructure and systems for safety in operations are developed now, and our competence is highly relevant within this field,” he continues.

Safety in operations is a prerequisite for success in the harsh and very vulnerable Arctic environment. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has made “The far north” their top priority in 2014, and says all activities here have to be conducted in a manner that safeguard people, the environment and material assets.

The requirements put forth by the PSA resonates very well with Safetec’s core competence, and we are looking forward to showing this at Beredskapskonferansen 2014.

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