Safetec has the competence and capacity to support businesses with high-quality analyses and assessments that keep companies shielded from the variety of threats they face. We combine technical, theoretical and practical know-how that meet the requirements from laws and regulations, international standards and best practices in order to conduct analyses and prepare and implement plans to keep your assets out of harm.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and complex. Countries and regions previously considered relatively peaceful are now experiencing a new risk picture. Geographical distance and state borders matter less. Unwarranted, adverse attacks against companies and individuals can come from people in the local community and from halfway around the world. Your company may face a diverse set of threats: from industrial espionage from competing corporations and hostile states, to physical and virtual assaults and sabotage from terrorist groups and organised criminals, and assaults by mentally ill individuals. We help you to identify and manage the security risks in order to keep your company competitive and to ensure the security of your employees. Read more about Security Risk Management.

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